Are Your Taxes Rising?


(Wall Street front page December 31, 2015)


As we share this information with our clients both new and old, they usually say “but that does not affect me, I am not in that group”

NOT YET . . . . Just wait a few years and watch Washington DC move the rules closer and closer to your income level until you ARE in that group.


(i.e.) the Affordable Care Act only affected companies with 100 or more full time employees right?  But this year ACA affects companies that have only 50 employees, so what about next year?  And the next?



Tax Rates and Rules and procedures both New and Old are changing the changes to the changes made last year.  You need Professional help.

We have clients who are withdrawing IRA money to pay the Taxes on the Taxes on the money they took out to pay the Taxes on their monthly income.

AND they are withdrawing more money to pay the Taxes on the Taxes they now have to pay on their Social Security Benefits! (??)

Is that what is going to happen to you?


OPJW has been preparing Income Tax Returns for many years for both clients and not-yet clients.  Our fees are reasonable and we bring a very important difference to the subject of Preparation.  Counseling and Consulting to bring your Tax bill down, even to the point of elimination.


You are simply not going to get that level of Service, Experience and Advice from some Strip-mall shop that does taxes 60 to 90 days each year.


Please call or stop by as soon as you can and let’s see what we can do for you here in 2016 and beyond.


Thank you

Patrick J. Wehrly

Enrolled agent

Admitted to practice before the IRS

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