Tax Free Retirement Income and Life Insurance

Watch and see how you can use existing or new policies to create tax-free retirement income.

With the government likely raising your income tax rates now and during your retirement, you need to know EVERY available resource out there.
  • Long Term Care PLUS Tax Free Income

  • Like a Roth IRA on Steroids

  • THE Tax-Free College Plan

The Truth About Annuities

Watch and see how an annuity works and what it was designed to help with during retirement.

Get real answers to these common annuity questions: What fees do annuities have, if any?  What is a bonus to your annuity deposit? How does an annuity compliment your social security payment during retirement?
  • Know So Money vs. Hope So Money

  • Guaranteed Income

  • A Paycheck for Life

Simple Ways to Reduce Taxes

See how to reduce your taxes now and during your retirement.

The average retired couple will pay $250,000 in taxes on their social security during retirement!  Did you know that?!  Learn information on how to possibly save even more than that by watching these short videos.
  • Yes You Can Reduce Your Taxes by as Much as 50%

  • Stop Paying Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits

  • You MUST Have a Plan in Place

  • You Too Can Have a Tax-Free Retirement

What’s New About Long Term Care

Long Term Care has evolved a lot recently.  Did you know that?

What if you could pay into a LTC policy and if you didn’t use it, the insurance company would pay what you didn’t use to your beneficiary?  If that sounds appealing, then watch these few videos.
  • LTC: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Yes You Can Afford the New-Style LTC Benefits

  • Now Your Unused LTC Benefits Can Go to Your Kids!

Updating Life Insurance to Fit Your Life

Your life has changed since you purchased your old life insurance policies hasn’t it?

If you’ve been putting off reviewing and updating your life insurance to fit your lifestyle now, then stop waiting!  Find out what you can do to upgrade your current policies and adjust it to benefit you while you are alive!  Just watch these few videos.
  • Life Insurance WITH Long Term Care Included

  • Your Policy Grows Faster as the Stock Market Grows

  • It is Time for a Life Insurance Tune-up

  • Death benefits later but Tax Free Income NOW