Tax-Free Retirement

Is it possible for you to have a tax-free retirement?  Can you reduce or eliminate your taxes during retirement?

Can you “make a deal” with the IRS that goes something like this:  “I’ll pay you what I owe you now, but don’t ever ask me for anything else?”

The answer to all of these questions is YES!

BUT, you have to consider making some adjustments or changes to your current 401k contributions and rollovers.  You have to begin to understand what the words “before tax” and “after tax” really mean for your future.  If you are like us, we are CERTAIN that all of our income tax brackets must go up.  If you don’t understand the concepts of Traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs and the differences, then will all due respect: You are doing yourself a disservice…  Please spend a moment on this great article we came across:

It’s Time to Spend—and Pay Taxes on—Your 401(k)

If you don’t understand what triggers your social security to become taxable for the rest of your life, then you should find out.
If you don’t understand what ages force you to take withdrawals or where there are no tax penalties on your withdrawals, then you should find out.

Let us help you find out.  Call or send us a quick email and we’ll be there for you.  Don’t put it off until you are retired.  Deal with it in advance.  It’s worth it.

We’d love to stop by briefly and answer your questions. 

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